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Premier Global Hot Topics/ Nuances and Techniques in Injectables

November 14, 2020
Digitell, Inc.
4 E. 3rd St.
Jamestown, NY 14701 
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Join us for The Aesthetic Society’s “Premier Global Hot Topics & Nuances and Techniques in Injectables”, taking place November 14, 2020 (Central Daylight Time)! This second meeting in “The Aesthetic Series: Together, Everywhere” is an interactive online event chaired by Drs.Jamil Ahmad & Simeon Wall Jr. (Hot Topics) and Drs. Haideh Hirmand and Christopher Surek (Injectables). ...
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Adams, William P.
Organization: Practice, William P. Adams Jr, MD

Ahmad, Jamil
Organization: The Plastic Surgery Clinic

Aston, Sherrell J.
Organization: Practice, Sherrell J. Aston MD, FACS

DiBernardo, Barry E.
Organization: Practice, Barry E. DiBernardo MD

o Dr. Barry DiBernardo is recognized as a leader in plastic surgery and is the immediate past President ( 2017-2018) of The Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation of ASAPS. Dr. DiBernardo is the Medical Director of New Jersey Plastic Surgery® and the New Jersey Clinical Research Center in Montclair, NJ, He is past President of the New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons (2005-2006).

Fernando, Barry
Organization: Practice, Barry Fernando MD

Fernau, James
Organization: Practice, James Fernau MD, FACS

Funt, David K.
Organization: Practice, David K. Funt MD

Glicksman, Caroline A.
Organization: Practice, Caroline A. Glicksman MD, MSJ

practice: Glicksman Plastic Surgery

Haws, Melinda J.
Organization: Practice, Melinda J. Haws MD

Hirmand, Haideh
Organization: Practice, Haideh Hirmand MD

Hoyos, Alfredo E.
Organization: Practice, Alfredo E. Hoyos MD

Kenkel, Jeffrey M.
Organization: Practice, Jeffrey M. Kenkel MD, FACS

Dr. Kenkel's unique approach to aesthetic medicine makes him one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in greater Dallas. To Dr. Kenkel, each patient is a complete individual, deserving of care that complements the entire body. By counseling his patients on healthy lifestyle choices and working together to find real solutions, Dr. Kenkel and his staff create an enjoyable experience that leave

Lee, Kyndra
Organization: Ronan Solutions

McGuire, Patricia A.
Organization: Practice, Patricia A. McGuire MD

Mueller, Gregory P.

Percec, Ivona
Organization: Practice, Ivona Percec MD

Pozner, Jason
Organization: Practice, Jason Pozner MD

Rios, Luis M.
Organization: Practice, Luis M. Rios Jr, MD

Rohrich, Rod J.
Organization: Practice, Rod J. Rohrich MD, FACS

Sieber, David A.
Organization: Practice, David A. Sieber, MD

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